home hadware - Size does matter

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i went to 677 Markham rd to get a home stuff so i picked up a garbage bags for$7.99, and i was not sure so i came home took a sample of the glad size went back to the store and compare the old size i had with a new one, so this old dud tells it's it okay when it stretches will be okay it's only for a kitchen but i said to if this does fit i will bring it back according to him it will fit trust me he said! so i came home tried and was too small like a diaper and as you stretch it, it rips so i went to give him a piece of mind and ask for a refund so this *** tells me now cause i opened it so i cant refund your $$ but you the one who gave-me those bags though i showed the sample it wasn't a right size and i took you word so don't trust when they say sure it will work ya right!!!

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